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  1. Introduction
    1. Reference documentation (European Commission, DG TAXUD)
    2. Specifications for economic operators
    3. Testing
  3. Change log


1. Introduction

This section describes some general principles.

1.1. Reference documentation (European Commission, DG TAXUD)

The functional specifications are created by DG TAXUD, based on the legislation. They are reviewed and accepted by the EU Member States in the ECG ICS (Electronic Customs Group for ICS) These specifications form the basis for the Technical specifications.

The technical specifications are created by DG TAXUD, based on the functional specifications. They are reviewed and accepted by the EU Member States in the ECG ICS (Electronic Customs Group for ICS) These specifications form the basis for development of the National Import Customs Application (NICA) by a Member States Customs Service.

They are also subject to DG TAXUD's change management process, called KEL (Known Error List). While most of the time the impact of these changes is limited to the Common Domain (=message exchange between Customs Applications of different Member States), some of these KELs also impact the External Domain (=message exchange between economic operators and the NICA)

The business scope describes the downscope of ICS to 'ICS Phase 1'. All External Domain message exchanges concerning arrival processes have been removed.

These documents are provided for reference only. ( Proceed to the download section )

1.2. Specifications for economic operators

These (national) specifications are relevant for economic operators (traders) developing B2B message exchanges in the External Domain (=between economic operators and the National Import Customs Application). They are created by the national developer of MASP.be, based on the DDNIA.

Theoretically, it is possible that multiple versions of the same specification are in the pipeline. Therefore, Message Implementation Guides are organised per target release.

1.3. Testing

Test environment
ICS is available for testing since PLDA 3.2. It can be tested on the PLDA-Simulation URL (cfr. Links PLDA )

As of 15/07/2010, a dedicated e-mail address helpdesk.ics at minfin.fed.be exists for your ICS-related questions. Please remember to include the following information:

  • the environment (TEST or PROD)
  • PLDA-Web for questions concerning the web application
  • PLDA-EDI for questions concerning B2B communication
  • the IExxx number (if applicable)
  • the MRN (if validated), LRN and/or correlation ID (rejection)

Before contacting the helpdesk, please consult the list of known issues/defects on the following URL: ST_ICS.pdf

Use of EORI during tests
The test environment is linked to the EORI production environment. This means that all existing and active EORI numbers can be used for testing. (Note: the defect that caused certain EORI numbers to generate a B2B_UNKNOWN_ERROR has been resolved)
Known issues
You can consult the list of known issues (defects) on the following URL: ST_ICS.pdf



This section lists all Reference documentation, Message Implementation Guides (MIGs), XML schemas and codes list available for download.

Code lists

Message implementation guides

Reference docs

  1. Functional specs

    1.  FSS_AIS Addendum - Corrigendum 2-2013_A3_code list v1.00 (DOC, 98.5 KB)
    2.  FSS_AIS Addendum - Corrigendum 2-2013_B2_messages v1.00 (DOC, 202.5 KB)
    3.  FSS_AIS-Addendum - Corrigendum 2-2013_main v1.00 (DOC, 1.24 MB)
  2. Technical specs

    1.  DDNIA-Appendix A1-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 327.2 KB)
    2.  DDNIA-Appendix A2-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 166.15 KB)
    3.  DDNIA-Appendix A3-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 181.6 KB)
    4.  DDNIA-Appendix C2-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 8.14 KB)
    5.  DDNIA-Appendix C-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 60.45 KB)
    6.  DDNIA-Appendix J-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 464.46 KB)
    7.  DDNIA-Appendix Q1-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 286.83 KB)
    8.  DDNIA-Appendix Q2-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 218.95 KB)
    9.  DDNIA-Appendix R-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 84.02 KB)
    10.  DDNIA-Appendix Y-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 10.88 KB)
    11.  DDNIA-Appendix Z-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 12.83 KB)
    12.  DDNIA-Main Document-v12.20-SfA (DOCX, 320.31 KB)
    13.  DDNIA-Main Document-v12.20-SfA (PDF, 839.91 KB)
  3. Business scope

    1.  ICS P1-Scope Document-v12.10-SfA (DOC, 373 KB)
  4.  xsd.kel023 (ZIP, 31.75 KB)

  5.  20150623 Explanatory note (PDF, 83.1 KB)


3. Change log


25 Nov 2008
Renamed released MIGs to version 1.00. Content unchanged.
12 Feb 2009
Added XML mapping to several MIGs
11 Mar 2009
Added SAD 2.0 XSD for import
05 May 2009
Alignment with DG TAXUD KEL 0.18
XML schemas for IE messages
06 May 2009
Linked to SAD+ 2.04 in ECS section
15 May 2009
Clarification of Trader Identification fields (Documentary change)
22 Jun 2009
Added explicit link to MIG section on PLDA www
15 Jul 2009
Corrected EDIFACT mappings ENS MIG(Person lodging the ENS, Trader representative)
Fixed broken URL (SAD+ XSD)
11 Aug 2009
Updated Reference Documentation section.
Added DDNIA 4.0, aligned to KEL 0.17
Added DDNIA 4.0, aligned to KEL 0.18
Redirect SAD+ XSD to ECS section to avoid further broken URLs.
19 Apr 2010
PLDA_MIG CUSCAR_ENS-D04A_v1.2.doc: Existing CUSCAR MIG has been split according to business process, with additional focus on removing inconsistencies within the document.
Documentary update only.
Note 1: This is a first step towards merging the two separate MIGs for ENS
Note 2: CUSRES MIG will undergo the same process
MASP.be_ICS_MIG ENS_1.06.doc: Updated reference A13 to new CUSCAR ENS MIG
07 May 2010
Uploaded DDNIA attachment (reference documentation)
18 May 2010
Renamed section Delivery Management to Testing.
Added list of EORI-numbers available for test.
01 July 2010
Added explicit link for CUSREP Diversion message.
15 July 2010
Published contact details Helpdesk ICS (Support section)
23 July 2010
Published code lists (CS/RD extraction)
Updated Rules and conditions according to KEL0.19b
24 August 2010
Published list of known issues (StarTeam tickets, defects)
14 September 2010
Updated section on EORI numbers
01 February 2011
Published the business scope document in the Reference documentation section. (For information only)
Re-structured page
Removed obsolete reference documentation
Applied ICS P1 business scope and removed MIGs concerning arrival processes (=documentary update)
Added future release v5.0
31 May 2011
Updated current and future release sections.
15 September 2011
Published future XML schemas (KEL v0.23 aligned)
14 October 2011
Confirmed PLDA release for XSD update
09 November 2011
Updated PLDA release (same production date)
08 December 2011
Updated current and future release sections.
12 December 2012
Updated future release section.
13 December 2012
Updated future release section with explanatory note.
26 September 2013
Updated current and future release sections.
09 January 2014
Updated future release section.
27 May 2014
Updated future release section
02 Jun 2014
Updated current and future release sections
18 Sep 2014
Updated explanatory note in future release sections
02 Dec 2014
Updated current and future release sections
26 Jun 2015
Updated future release section